About Yangfan


Yangfan brand was founded in 2005. It is a professional company that integrates the research, development, production and sales of embroidery threads and clothing accessories and operates as a group. The company has current first-class advanced production and testing equipment to protect product quality, and every employee regards product quality as their own life, thus ensuring that the color fastness of all products is above level 4, and the color difference also meets the national standard requirements. Bright and beautiful, with few joints, even twist, high strength, soft and smooth during use and not easy to break (suitable for various high and low speed computer embroidery machines), and it is green, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, so that our quality has always been Being far ahead in the embroidery industry, we have always had a quality advantage in the industry.



More than 19 years experience in Embroidery thread, clothing accessories


More than 50 employees


The factory covers an area of 4000 square meters


YANG FAN is founded in 2005

Dyeing factory
Spinning workshop

The company also has strong scientific research and technical strength and a group of professional talents in new product development and design. The first wool embroidery thread has filled the gap in the domestic market and changed the new situation of high-end embroidery threads relying on imports. It is also constantly launching new research and development. Various special embroidery threads enable us to always have the advantage in the industry of new products that adapt to market trends.

Strong strength
Production management experience

The company also has a foundation of traditional production management experience accumulated over more than ten years, as well as innovative management concepts and models adapted to modern enterprises. It has formed a mature and unique supply chain management model, starting from the source and grasping every small link. By tapping internal potential and reducing internal friction, and through centralized procurement and standardized production organization and eliminating many intermediate links, we have revolutionaryly reduced costs, giving us a strong low-cost advantage.
The company has always followed the business philosophy of "Integrity, Gratitude, and Responsibility", adhered to the service concept of "thinking about what customers think, worrying about customers' needs", "returning products without reason within 10 days", and trying its best to provide customers with zero complaints. the corporate values are to advocate that "customers are God, customers are the parents of food and clothing, and customers are always right", constantly improve the construction of the brand's pre-sales and after-sales service systems, pay more attention to brand cultivation and the creation of brand culture, and aim to make the Yangfan brand an embroidery The first brand in the line industry, becoming the industry leader and the industry benchmark, which gives us the core competitiveness of the brand and the advantages of a well-known brand that cannot be copied by our peers.

Good brand advantage
Satisfy your needs

Yangfan's four major advantages make you confident and confident in cooperating with Yangfan, making you feel more at ease when using Yangfan products, and giving you no worries. The company has yarn mills, dyeing mills, spinning mills, clothing accessories factories, embroidery factories, etc., specializing in the production of "Yangfan" brand wool embroidery thread, acrylic embroidery thread, embroidery rope, embroidery tape and other products. The company starts from yarn production From dyeing to winding (splitting), doubling, twisting and other one-stop production. The company can provide regular varieties of embroidery threads for flat embroidery and imitation hand embroidery all year round (32S/2 cotton acrylic, 32S/2 matt acrylic, 42S/2 hairy acrylic, 26S tencel, 42S/2 hairy acrylic segment dyeing, etc.) , embroidery thread used for towel embroidery and chain embroidery (24S/2 solid acrylic, 24S/2 expanded acrylic, 24S/2 hairy nitrile, 24S/2 hairy nitrile segment dyeing, 26S velvet, 26S velvet segment dyeing, '24S/2 solid + gold/silver thread', '32S/2 acrylic + gold/silver thread', '32S/2 acrylic X2', special thread segment dyeing, bright colors and fluorescent threads, and fancy threads, etc.) Thousands of colors are available for you to choose from, and we can also provide you with special customized services for embroidery threads of various specifications. There is nothing we can’t do except what you can’t imagine. “Yangfan” can satisfy you with whatever you want
"Yangfan" embroidery thread is suitable for various handicrafts, embroidery lace, fashion, children's clothing, brand clothing trademarks, shoes and hats, carpets, home textiles, and other uses that are freely scattered by users on the market. "Yangfan" has formed a complete set of The product system can meet the various needs of embroidery factories, export trade, and scattered users on the market.

Complete product system
After more than ten years of stable development, the company has stable and guaranteed quality, so you don’t have to worry about quality problems; its production capacity is plan.

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